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ENT 400 - Entrepreneurial Thinking & Behavior

Winter 2023 - Prof. Davis

Focusing Your Topic

How do you focus your research topic from the general concepts of "healthy food" and "mobility"? Prior to diving into some of the resources linked in the Research a Need Area and Consumer and Market Research sections of this guide, you may need to do a bit of background reading. This could include browsing the news, exploring a trade publication, or reading articles published in an academic business or engineering journal.

Use Mardigian Search to begin your research.  Mardigian Search allows you to search through the entire library collection and many of the databases all at once.  

See the video tutorial on using Mardigian Search below.

Search in a Specific Database

If you aren't able to find what you're looking for in Mardigian Search, you can try searching directly in individual databases. 

These databases include articles from academic journals: 

These databases include newspaper/magazine articles and trade publications:

Keyword Searching

Below are some suggested keywords to get started and help begin narrowing your topic.

These are just a starting point; try combining a keyword below with another term you're interested in. For example, if I am interested in researching something related to healthy eating and rural communities, I could try this search: "food insecurity" AND "rural communities" 


Mobility             Healthy Eating/Living
Urban mobility Food poverty
Urban transportation Food relief
On-demand mobility Food banks
Integrated transportation Food insecurity
Traffic congestion Food security
Electric cars Poverty
Connectivity Food desert
Autonomous vehicles Food choices
Air pollution Food deprivation
Dynamic lane reversal Food production
Road infrastructure Water access
Rail transport Fresh food
Intermodal transport Food cost
Integrated transport Clean drinking water
Smart cities Organic food
Mobility and the aged  


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