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PAPP 505

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Encyclopedias and Handbooks


Encyclopedias and handbooks can be useful for an overview of a topic. While you would not use information from an encyclopedia or handbook in a  written or oral research or essay paper, you can use them to get information on a topic you are not familiar about, or want to learn more about it before you start your paper.

A selections of relevant books and E-books

Here are a few relevant selections from the Mardigian Library's book collection. A basic search for the phrase "Public Administration" brings up 2,263 titles without any additional qualifying terms. So use these to get started and then find books that are relevant to your specific approach. Another trick is, if you are looking at a physical book on our shelves, look at all of the books on the shelves around them, most likely they will also be relevant.

This is but a tiny sampling of the resources available to you through the Mardigian Library catalog. The best practice is to try many searches using the lists of keywords developed during topic selection and literature review to refine and qualify your search.

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