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Remote course support from Mardigian Librarians

In case of prolonged campus/library closure, here are ways that librarians can support faculty for your courses.

Contact Nadine Anderson or Joel Seewald, Your Behavioral & Biological Studies Librarians

Contact Nadine Anderson at or Joel Seewald at for online research help and resources for your courses. Reach out to us so that we can work together to solve issues with online instruction and ensure students have access to library resources. 

Online Research Guides & Canvas Support for your courses

Your librarians, Nadine and Joel, can work with you to create online research guides that are customized to your course and assignment requirements. These online research guides are public and you can link to them from your course Canvas sites. Skills covered in research guides include (but are not limited to):

  • finding sources
  • developing thesis statements and focused research questions
  • analyzing articles to find key information
  • using sources to build answers and arguments
  • formatting papers and citations in APA, ASA, or Chicago format
  • writing research papers, literature reviews, policy papers, or research project papers (best practices, guidelines, and expectations)

You can also add Nadine and/or Joel to your course Canvas sites so that she can add the course research guide to the side navigation bar and send point-of-need announcements in order to maximize student use of it. Please do not add Nadine or Joel to your course without discussing it with them first.

Email Nadine at or Joel at to develop an online research guide for your course or assignments.

More resources for faculty about teaching remotely

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