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LIBR 465: Literature for Children

This course, designed for librarians, supervisors, and teachers in the elementary school, is about the evaluation of books for children aged three through twelve.

What is Overdrive?

  • Overdrive is a platform that many public libraries use to provide eBooks and Audiobooks that you can download onto your personal device to "borrow" for a short period of time, in the same way that you would borrow a physical book or audiobook. Titles expire and are no longer viewable/playable after the loan period ends. 


Currently, their apps are compatible with: 



The app is free, and available for download in your app store. (Click on your device above to go directly to it.)

Borrowing eBooks & Audiobooks using Overdrive

OverDrive App setup video

What you need to get started

Before you start, have your public library card handy, and know your PIN number associated with that library account. If you don't know your PIN, contact your public library to have it reset. 

1. Download the free OverDrive App onto your device. After downloading it, you may be prompted to create an Adobe ID, which is also free. You need the Adobe ID to use the app. 

2. Sign in/sign up for an OverDrive account. 

2. Add your library under the menu (click on the OverDrive icon in the upper left corner). Once you find the library you want, tap on the star icon next to it to save it.

3. Now, this library should appear in your menu. Click on it to view your library's collection of eBooks and audiobooks. 

4. Sign in (might need to click on the "Sign In" link) to your library's collection using your public library card and PIN. You can save this info to your device so that you don't need to enter it again next time. 

5. Search for and download some books and audiobooks! Once downloaded, the books will appear on your "Bookshelf" which you can find in the menu of your app (click the Overdrive icon in the top left corner to expand and collapse the menu). 

Overdrive Help

The official Overdrive Help page is a great place to go if you are having issues or want to learn more about using Overdrive with various devices. 

You can also contact your public library directly if you are having issues, or to suggest titles that you would like to see added to their Overdrive collection. 


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