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BIOL/ESCI 304 - Ecology

A guide for BIOL/ESCI 304 students researching environmental topics in the library and on the internet.

Writing Your Annotations

Your annotations should follow a citation, annotation, then repeat format. You should list your articles in alphabetical order and format them in Ecology style. For each article, your annotation should be one paragraph that includes the following:

  • Summarize the information about the topic: What was the topic? Why was the research important?
  • Summarize the methods used in this study: How was the research done? What methods, tests, and statistical analyses were used?
  • Describe the species or taxa studied: Describe the species or taxa studied and how and why it is relevant to your species.
  • Summarize the findings of the study: What did the authors find? Did the authors discuss the implications of their research? 
  • State whether the study is of use for your project and why: Was this source helpful to you? How has it helped you develop your hypothesis? How has it helped you build your project proposal? Would you use its methodologies, tests, or statistical analyses for your own experiment? How will you apply the source’s theoretical positions, issues discussed, study data, and claims made to build your arguments and justifications for your own experiment?

Use the Annotated Bibliographies Guide and Annotated Bibliography Samples from Purdue's Online Writing Lab for more help writing your annotations. 

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