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BIOL/ESCI 304 - Ecology

A guide for BIOL/ESCI 304 students researching environmental topics in the library and on the internet.

A Short Guide to Writing About Biology

Your principle style guide for this course is A Short Guide to Writing About Biology by Jan Pachenik. This book provides specific guidance for scientific writing. For example, there are specific styles for writing about statistics, summarizing results, writing figure legends, etc. You will need to follow the guidelines in this book when writing about and presenting data. This book also provides help for writing scientific papers, reports, and essays.

Print Version

The 9th edition of this book is the official edition used by this class. However, the library does not have the 9th edition; we have the 8th edition.

Three (3) copies of the print version of the 8th edition are on Course Reserves in the library. Please note that COVID-19 has changed the way we handle Course Reserves and our procedure for requesting print copies can change at any time. See COVID-19 Changes to Course Reserves for the latest procedure.

Electronic Version

An electronic version of the 9th edition is not available. However, the University of Michigan is providing emergency temporary online access to the 8th edition through HathiTrust. Note that this access through HathiTrust will end at the end of summer 2021.

How to get to the book:
• Go to HathiTrust (you will have to log in using your U-M email login, possibly twice).
• Click "Log In" at the upper right of the HathiTrust page.
• Choose "University of Michigan" as the partner institution and click "Continue".
• Click "Advanced Full Text Search"
• For the Title, type "A Short Guide to Writing About Biology" and click "Advanced Search"
• Click on "Temporary Access" for the 2013 version.
• Click on "Check Out"
See video tutorial below if this isn't clear.

• The book will be checked out for 1 hour, but you can renew if nobody is waiting for the book.
• Only viewing is possible; no downloading of pages.
• Between all U-M campuses, only 2 people can view at a time.


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