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CEHHS Faculty - Research Help & Library Services

A guide for faculty in the College of Education, Health & Human Services about requesting research instruction and using library services.

Nadine Anderson, Behavioral Sciences and Women's & Gender Studies Librarian

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Raya Samet
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What Research Skills sessions could Raya teach?

Raya can design and teach research skills sessions around the specific skills students need to be successful on your research assignments, for example:

  • Developing focused research topics and developing a research question
  • Advanced search techniques and search strategy
  • Identifying differences between Google and Summon (the library's discovery service)
  • Finding scholarly sources in the library's collection
  • Identifying differences between popular and scholarly sources
  • Identifying peer-reviewed articles and what peer-review is
  • Analyzing and evaluating sources
  • Using sources to build arguments
  • Putting together citations and/or annotations
  • Avoiding plagiarism
  • Finding specialized information, such as datasets
  • How to do a literature review
  • And more...

If your class is online, consider options including:

  • embedding Raya into your Canvas course as a librarian
  • requesting tutorial videos or other Canvas content
  • holding a virtual session in Zoom

FAQ: How Can We Help Our Students Understand the Research Process?

The research process for university assignments is a lot messier than students think. This video will help students navigate their way through the twists and turns of the research process.

FAQ: How Can We Help Our Students Understand What Peer-Review Is?

This video explains peer-review to students: 

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