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MKT 352 - Marketing Principles and Policies

Fall 2023 - Prof. Tim Hartge

Creating Chicago Style Citations

Creating Chicago Citations 

For this class, you will need to use Chicago style citations. Citing your sources accurately and completely is essential for avoiding plagiarism and allowing others to follow along with your work. Chicago style citations involves using a notes and bibliography system. This means that you will include a footnote citation within the body of your paper whenever you're using someone else's words or ideas, and you will include a complete bibliography at the end of your paper. 


There are a number of resources available to help in creating your citations. Two popular sources include:

Using Citation Managers

Citation managers are helpful tools for organizing and saving useful citations during your research. Although there are many citation management tools to choose from, I recommend Zotero since it is open source and free to use. 

Follow along with the Quick Start Guide to download Zotero and begin using the software. 

Zotero allows you to:

  • Quickly save items with the Zotero Chrome extension
  • Share folders with others, such as members of a group project
  • Autogenerate citations in numerous common citation styles (including APA, Chicago, and MLA) 

Other citation management tool options include: 

  • EndNote: Note that there are both free and fee-based subscription options. A limited subscription is available to UM-Dearborn affiliates at no cost. Click here to sign up for the UM-Dearborn subscription. 


  • Mendeley: Note that there are both free and fee-based subscription options. 
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