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MKT 352 - Marketing Principles and Policies

Fall 2023 - Prof. Tim Hartge

What search terms should I use?

Coming up with the right terms to use to search for the information you need can be challenging. Often you will need to try out several different search strings and keyword combinations before you find what you're looking for. To get started, consider combining search terms from the left column with search terms from the right column. using the "and" Boolean connector. See the box below for information on using Booleans.

  • consumer
  • industry
  • social
  • consumer insights
  • industry insights
  • consumer research
  • industry research
  • society or societal
  • consumer products
  • service industries
  • manufacturing 
  • technology 
  • food
  • packaging
  • health
  • environment
  • other industries or sectors
  • trend or trends
  • projected or projections
  • outlook
  • changes
  • forecast or forecasted
  • future
  • predict or predicted or prediction
  • policy or policies
  • marketing 
  • review

Try out numerous searches, using different search terms and placing your terms in the document title, abstract, keyword, or subject fields. Your options will vary depending on the database used. Sometimes a database will even suggest additional search terms after you have performed a search. For example, in the Academic OneFile database, look for the “Topic Finder” button in the search navigation bar. An infographic will illustrate words that were often used in the articles you retrieved. These might be good search terms for your next searches.

Using Boolean Operators

Using Boolean operators allows you to create more specific search strings, helping you narrow search results. Connect search keywords or phrases with AND, OR, and NOT. The graphic below explains how each operator functions. 

Venn diagram of Boolean operators

Image credit: Duke University Libraries

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