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MKT 352 - Marketing Principles and Policies

Fall 2023 - Prof. Tim Hartge

Claritas 360 Overview

Claritas 360 is a web-based application for analysis of customer data and markets. The database provides a broad understanding of consumer behaviors across a variety of categories for more efficient and effective marketing for products and services. This enables users to acquire consumers based on lifestyle, media exposure, product usage, consumption, purchasing and psychographic dimensions. Use Claritas 360 to generate reports on your market area of interest.

The box below provides instructions on locating Claritas 360. Below that, you will find information on utilizing a few key report types (Profile Worksheet, Market Potential, and Consumer Concentration reports). These select reports provide lots of information on the current and potential market, but there are numerous other reports available to explore. If you use a different report type, you can reference the Claritas Knowledge Center for more information on generating and interpreting different report types. 


More information on the 68 PRIZM segments used in the database is available here

Accessing Claritas 360

Once you have clicked on the Claritas 360 link, you will land on the SRDS homepage. To open the Claritas 360 tool, you will need to select "Claritas 360" from the navigation bar: 

Claritas location

Then, select "login" to launch the database: 

Claritas login


Profile Worksheet Report

The Profile Worksheet report provides usage information by segment for products and services. 

Location: Segmentation Reports → Profiler Reports → Profile Worksheet

Below is a brief walkthough on generating a profile worksheet report. You can also reference the written guide

Market Potential Report

The Market Potential report compares current usage patterns for product profiles in an analysis area. The generated report will include a Market Potential Index, which can help determine the potential for new products in the market or for cross-selling based on current trends. 

Location: Segmentation Reports → Profile Reports → Market Potential 

Below is a brief walkthrough on generating a market potential report. Alternatively, you can reference the written guide

Consumer Concentration Report

The Consumer Concentration report provides a comprehensive overview of a given market by providing information on demographics, consumer demand, and customer data.  

Location: Standard Reports → Demographic Reports → Consumer Concentration

Below is the walkthrough for generating consumer concentration reports. You can also reference the written guide

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