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MKT 352 - Marketing Principles and Policies

Fall 2023 - Prof. Tim Hartge

Consumer Research

Consumer research can include examining consumer behaviors and responses as well as more general demographic information. 

Databases that provide consumer and demographic information include: 

  • Statista: Along with industry information, Statista is also a great source for consumer behavior and demographics. 
  • eMarketer: Provides market research information about the Internet, e-business, online marketing, and emerging technologies, aggregated from more than 1,700 sources. Includes analyst reports, daily research articles, and e-business and online marketing statistics. 

  • DataUSAA comprehensive visualization engine of public US Government data. Sources include the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), and the American Community Survey (ACS) Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS) files produced by the Census Bureau.

  • Passport: Extensive industry, demographic, consumer, and economic data for many countries worldwide. Includes forecast data to 2023, market data for 330 consumer products in 49 countries, approximately 100,000 brands, and market analysis reports.

  • PolicyMap: A geographic information system (GIS) used to understand U.S. communities. General categories include demographics, income and spending, housing, lending activity, quality of life, economy, education and health. 
  • SimplyAnalytics: a web-based mapping application that enables non-technical users to quickly create professional quality thematic maps and reports using extensive demographic, business, health, and marketing data.
  • Pew Research Center: A website which compiles the reports and surveys collected by the Pew think-tank. Surveys and reports include data on trends and demographics.


Additional Marketing Databases and Tools

There are a range of other tools available to explore consumer and demographic information. These tools can be challenging to use, so allow plenty of time to familiarize yourself.

MRI Simmons Insights: provides access to U.S. adult consumer data on product and brand usage, spending behavior, media habits, and more. It can be used to create customized reports helpful for developing marketing strategies, making advertising decisions, and finding statistical information that comes from the Simmons National Consumer Study. For more detailed information on using Simmons, click here

  • Note: Limit of 2 concurrent users

Vivvix: Formerly Ad$pender. Advertising expenditure information since 1995 for millions of product brands across television, radio, magazine, newspaper, internet and outdoor channels. 

  • Note: Limit of 3 concurrent users

Claritas 360: A web-based application for analysis of customer data and markets. Uses PRIZM market segments. For more detailed information on using Claritas 360, click here

  • Note: Once you have clicked on the Claritas 360 link, you will land on the SRDS homepage. To open the Claritas 360 tool, you will need to select "Claritas 360" from the navigation bar.



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