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What Are MPortfolios by GoogleSites?

MPortfolios are professional representations of students and faculty, a space to document their development and demonstrate their readiness to join their fields. Students and faculty should select their best work, emphasize their strengths, and show their creativity as they build their MPortfolios.

Contact the Hub for Teaching and Learning for help and assistance with MPortfolios.

How Do I Create a New MPortfolio?

To create your new MPortfolio:

  1. Open a web browser (Google Chrome works best)
  2. Go to 
  3. Click the red  Create button
  4. Click Browse the gallery for more to select a site template
  5. Click to see UMich templates
  6. Find the CASL Faculty MPortfolio template by:
    1. Search for CASL Faculty
    2. Click on CASL Faculty MPortfolio Template 
    3. Click Gadget from template directory under the portfolio description
    4. Click the Use Template button at the top right
  7. In the Name your Site box, give your MPortfolio a name 
  8. In the Site Location box, add your name to the URL link
    1. People will use this URL to access your portfolio
  9. Click the red Create button
  10. See the Creating Your Site guide for more info 

How Do I Edit My MPortfolios?

To edit your MPortfolios:

  1. Go to 
  2. Click the title of the portfolio to begin editing
  3. Click the Edit Page pencil icon at the top right
  4. To change Faculty Name to your name:
    1. Click the Edit Page pencil icon at the top right
    2. Type your name into the Faculty Name box below the UM-Dearborn banner
    3. Click the Save button at the top right to save your edits
    4. Once you reload the page, Faculty Name at the top left will also change to your name
  5. To add a page to your portfolio:
    1. Click  the Create Page icon at the top right next to the Edit Page pencil icon
    2. Under Name Your Page, enter your page title
    3. Leave template as Web Page
    4. To Create a Top-Level Page (under which you can add subpages)
      1. Under Select A Location, select  Put Page at the Top Level 
    5. To Create a Subpage (under which you can add other subpages)
      1. Under Select A Location, select Put Page Under
      2. Click the arrow beside Choose a Different Location to choose the page under which it will be a subpage (can choose top-level pages or subpages)
    6. Click the Create button at the top of the page to add the page to your portfolio
  6. When you are done personalizing your portfolio, click Save
    1. See the Building and Editing Your Site guide for more info on adding text, photos, videos, and new pages to your portfolio, as well as managing your portfolio settings

    How Do I Share My MPortfolios?

    To share your MPortfolios:

    1. Click on the Share button at the top right of your portfolio
    2. The MPortfolio default setting is Public on the Web - anyone on the Internet can find and view your MPortfolio
    3. Click Change beside Public on the Web to change your MPortfolio's access setting to one of the two other options:
      1. Anyone with the link (can access with no sign-in)
      2. Specific people (can access)
    4. Click Save below the options to save your settings
    5. See the Site Access guide for more info
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