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BSCI, CRJ, & WGST Faculty: Library Services and Research Help

for Behavioral Sciences, Criminology & Criminal Justice, and Women's & Gender Studies Faculty

How Do I Get Library Access for Unregistered/Field Study Students, SI Leaders, Research/Teaching Assistants, and Visiting Scholars?

Fill out the UMD Student & Visiting Scholar Verification Form to get access to library resources for:

  • Visiting Scholars
  • Research or Teaching Assistants
  • SI Leaders
  • Students working on theses or dissertations
  • Students working on incompletes
  • Field study students

Supervising faculty or the department administrator should fill out the UMD Library Access Verification form above, and send the form to the library's User Services department at To obtain corresponding access to UM-Dearborn VPN, start a Sponsored Accounts ticket with ITS.

Please note that the library cannot give access to library resources, nor ITS to VPN, to anyone without a UMID.

Contact the library's User Services department at for more information.

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